Our Vision

We will build a new world, not for ourselves, but for those who will come after
Kryptic, 2040
The Vision for Kryptoria is to create the first flagship blockchain gaming title. A game that is the centrepiece of a multi-format, cross-cultural ecosystem. That ecosystem will create mutual value by giving millions of gamers true ownership of their in-game assets, and by connecting them with the brands and businesses lining up to enter Web3.
Everything we have built so far provides the perfect foundation to execute this vision. In 6 months we have launched our Beta game and Unity world. Raised innovation standards in the space. Established relationships with billion-dollar tech partners from LayerZero to SKALE and brought onboard world-class advisors in infrastructure, AI, and more. Our full game, Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal will incorporate cutting-edge tech, making it gasless and AI-powered. The next generation of Kryptoria game characters, the Alpha Heroes, will be represented by omnichain, dynamic NFTs. And our community, building with us now, will be rewarded - their contributions as Beta testers, storytellers, artists, and more are crucial to the journey.
Kryptoria is the genesis creation of Heatstroke Entertainment, a globally-backed company using blockchain to disrupt sectors from gaming to film and art. There are three pillars to our approach:
Kryptoria will redefine what is possible with Blockchain-based games. We will keep evolving our game and challenging the status quo as the industry continues to develop
Our team is creating a deeply engaging and immersive map-based game on the Ethereum blockchain utilising the powerful Unity engine. Our aim is to evolve the initial experience into a leading first-person massive multiplayer title
Kryptoria will reward players for the time they spend our world. Whether that's through dynamically upgrading their in-game characters, winning prizes or real-life collaboration benefits, Kryptoria will always seek to deliver value to its community