Kryptoria is 4X/RTS game set in an incredible 3D world built in Unity. All game assets, including Alpha Citizens, Land and Weapons live on the Ethereum blockchain as dynamic NFTs.
We wanted to build a game that will not only be fun and immersive, but would bring our community together in a shared experience. We have fond memories of playing games with our friends when we were younger. That sense of camaraderie that you get from trading with friends. The banter from battling with fellow players. And of course, the sense of family. The advent of Blockchain is ushering in a new era for gaming. Players are able to own their game assets and take those assets out of a game, to sell, trade or use elsewhere. As we see more interoperability in the space, the ability for players to choose where they use their assets will expand. This will turn into a fluid, frictionless experience for players to move in, around, and across blockchains, games and metaverses they love. Kryptoria’s Beta game, available both on web and downloadable to Windows, delivers a world-class UI and an incredible world built in the Unity game engine. These components work in tandem to deliver Kryptoria’s Beta game experience. This will initially be a real-time strategy (RTS) game, but the full game, Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal, and future iterations will move towards a first-person game within a buildable metaverse. With over 120,000 battles fought in 2 months after Beta launch, Kryptoria is already raising standards in blockchain gaming. With constant feedback from our community, we are iterating towards the release of Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal, our full game which will be the first Web3 flagships strategy game. World resurfacing, the 3D modeling of all Alpha Citizens to transform them into the Alpha Heroes, constant work with tech partners, and more, our roadmap is stacked with gaming innovation and much more. Kryptoria’s parent company, Heatstroke Entertainment, is partnering with global entities to supercharge development and build out further worlds, or ‘Creations’ with new and existing IP.
We will be developing the current Unity experience into a fully-playable social metaverse that incorporates questing, resource gathering and battling first-person shooter style. Think a sci-fi Runescape, set in a persistent world. where you own all of your game assets, supported by our ever-growing lore for the Kryptoria universe.
The World of Kryptoria - Unity Gameplay