Our Community

There is nothing more singular in its importance than the unity and strength of the Kryptorians standing together
Kryptic, 2045
Kryptoria’s is a community like no other.
Based all around the world, it is sophisticated, passionate and engaged. What began as a hopeful few, bonding over a love of sci fi, games and tech has grown into a true Web3 family. A family of tens of thousands, united by the shared experiences and common language that Kryptoria’s game provides.
As people have joined us on the journey, the community has built side by side with the team. Provided their insights as Beta testers. Taken Kryptoria’s IP and crafted a whole universe of stories, songs, art and more. Joined the core team and helped shape this project from the inside. Decentralisation is at the heart of everything we do and, as such, we view our relationship with the community in a unique way. Using blockchain, the community are holders and players, but also advisors, shareholders, and more. It’s all part of blockchain tech’s power to not just revolutionise gaming, but redefine relationships. Those joining the journey now will be rewarded handsomely.
In just 6 months, Kryptoria's team and community have built some amazing things together. Here are just a few:
The Citizens Reward Programme Web3 is a space uniquely influenced by word of mouth. One where the balance of power and information lies with holders, rather than corporations. Kryptoria’s community have been evangelical from the start, spreading word of our project across the space We believe that those efforts should always be rewarded. The CRP is an optional signup, where holders can earn points for interacting with Kryptoria content, or creating their own. Those points can be traded for NFTs, irl benefits and, soon ERC-20 tokens. It’s just one way we’re leading by example.
Game Mechanic Voting Decentralisation is the key to true democracy. Our community of holders will always have a say in the project - we’ve held multiple community votes on game mechanics. As holders and Beta testers, the community’s voice is much-heeded.
The High Council From the community, voted on by the community. With its own constitution and elections, modeled on Ancient Roman ideals, the High Council is the representative body of Kryptoria’s community. Their voice is direct to the team - for examples of their amazing work, see their Twitter page. Kryptoria Community Bounties Kryptoria’s community is filled with people of many talents, from graphic designers to software developers. Those who wish to take on tasks set by the team can create cool shit and be rewarded. As we roll out Ellerium, our ERC-20 token, Community Bounties are the first step to a decentralised future of work, where community members can be truly rewarded for helping build a project they are also holders in.
Kryptoria’s community is not just growing in number, but building a whole society. Along the way, team and community have innovated in a number of ways. Join the community and be a founding father (or mother!) of Web3’s next great civilisation.
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