TV Episodes

We have only just begun to uncover the incredible stories that take place in Kryptoria!
Episode 1 - The Epiphany
Kryptic discovers the Kryptorians
Episode 2 - The Fed
The Fed cracks down on civil unrest
Episode 3 - The Proxy Portal
The Kryptorians make a daring assualt against the Fed
Episode 4 - Beyond The Portal
The Kryptorians take their first steps into their new world
Episode 5 - A Brave New World
The Kryptorians adapt to their new home
Episode 6 - The Founding of Exodus
The first city of Kryptoria is founded
Episode 7 - Rise of DANA
DANA begins to change the lives of all Kryptorians
Episode 8 - Synthetic Democracy
New powers rise in Kryptoria
Episode 9 - The First Degens
Division is sown in Kryptoria
Episode 10 - The Separation
Kryptoria reaches a tipping point
Episode 11 - Life In Zion
The Degens Find A Home
Episode 12 - The Dawn Of War
Civil War Breaks Out In Kryptoria