High Council & Staking
Kryptoria’s High Council represents the interests of all Kryptorians. From the High Council page in the Build section you will be able to soft-stake your NFTs. For Alpha Citizens this means claiming their citizenship. In the same way, Land can be registered and Weapons will be issued licences. All of these mean that your NFT will be soft-staked and then usable in game.
Soft-staking does not require your NFT to be moved to a centralised staking wallet. Your NFTs will remain visible in your wallet, but you won’t be able to sell or transfer them whilst they are staked. Soft-staking provides indirect security benefits too. In the event your wallet is compromised, a scammer would need to unstake your NFTs, prior to stealing. Unless you have given away your seed phrase this should be an extra line of defence.
N.B. We reserve the right to unstake any Alpha Citizens, Land or Weapons that are staked whilst listed for sale. Due to the soft-staking, tokens remain in holders wallets and are able to be listed, however, the buyer cannot actually complete the purchase due to the staking. This creates a poor experience for buyers and means that the collection will have a higher percentage listed, with listings that cannot actually be sold.
There are five resources you can earn in Kryptoria. By owning land, you can yield some of the resource that tile produces per day (with an assigned Alpha Citizen). The amount you yield depends on the abundance property of the land. See the table below for details on abundance and yield. There are bonuses available to enhance the amount of resource you generate from holding land. Check the bonuses section below to learn more.
Kryptora Resources Matrix
Each resource has different uses throughout the game and it is a good idea to balance your strategy so you always have some of each resource on hand. Meta Spice & Bio Synth are predominantly used as rations to support your army while they are fighting. Krypto Ore & Uni Shards are widely used in Kryptorian tech and hardware. These will be essential for acquiring weapons, body armour and other upgrades in the future. Binary Code is often used in digital interactions across the ecosystem and widely in Kryptorian technology.
Kryptoria Resources (L-R): Binary Code, BioSynth, Krypto Ore, Uni Shards and Meta Spice
There are two ways in which you can earn additional resources to augment your resource generation.
  1. 1.
    Adjacency Bonus (+25% of base yield, +5% for each additional adjacent side) — If you own two (or more) map tiles that share a border with one another, you will receive an adjacency bonus. This represents the efficiency gain of economies at scale.
  2. 2.
    Urban Bonus (+10%/20%/30%/40% of base yield) — If you own land that has a village, town, city or capital property, you will earn additional resources per day.