Game Assets

Alpha Citizens

These are the avatars that form the foundation of the game. When assigned to a map tile they can be used to earn extra resources, defend your map tile from attack, as well as attack other players. If you own multiple map tiles you should think carefully about which resources you want to earn more of and which resources you want to protect. All characters are factionless prior to being minted. You will choose which faction you want to play for when you mint your Alpha Citizens, at which point all will be assigned to your chosen faction. If you have bought your Alpha Citizen from the secondary market, its allegiance will change to the faction of your game in-game wallet. We want the game to be controlled by the community as much as possible, which means you are able to change your allegiance at any time. This will impact the balance of power in Kryptoria and could change the course of the war, but will result in a demotion of rank penalty for the player.


Since they came through the Proxy Portal, Kryptorians have learned much about their new home. From the stretching sands of the Solana Desert to the shores of the Broken Sea, the world of Kryptoria is vast and alien. Whilst only a relatively small part of the planet has been fully explored, cities and industry have already spread across the land. As sure as the two suns in the sky, as more of Kryptoria is explored more mysteries will be uncovered. Owning land allows you to generate resources that can be used in-game for a variety of purposes. The resource a map tile produces depends on its type. Each map tile also comes with a yield property, affecting the amount of a resource it generates per day. If the map tile has a city on it, then it will produce an even higher amount of resources per day.

Land also comes with a small amount of in-built attack and defence stats that represents natural and artificial fortifications.


The discovery of Krypto Ore and Uni Shards, both native resources to Kryptoria, have allowed new forms of energy-based weapons to be forged. Kryptoria Armoury is the largest producer of mil-tech on the planet. There is not much that goes “boom” that they do not have a hand in making.

You will be able to assign weapons to Alpha Citizens which will increase their attack capabilities in the game. Using in-game resources you will be able to mint and equip new weapons to your characters. This will increase their attack stats and their ability to dominate in battle.

Players also have the ability to deploy defences and reinforcements prior to an attack. Paid for with in-game resources, these provide benefits ranging from extra attack points to chances of winning extra resources. Consider using defences and reinforcements to help you get the edge in battle.

Once weapons have been minted, there will be regular future drops of limited edition and partnership collections. These will contain upgrades for Alpha Citizens, as well as new weapons to deal more damage in battle.

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