Game Background

Following their escape from Earth and the founding of Kryptoria, the High Council has sought to establish peace and prosperity in their new society.

However, a few years ago, Degens broke away over ideological differences with their fellow Kryptorians. Kryptorians pursued financial gain, whilst Degens believe Web3 should be used for artistic creation. In an effort to avoid war, the High Council gave land to the Degens, hoping to placate them. This time was known as the Separation.

During the Separation, the Degens established a new capital city, Zion. Ever since, there has been a growing tension between the two diametrically opposed factions. Small skirmishes have led to ever increasing retaliations. Whilst neither side truly wants an all out war, it now seems unavoidable.

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Kryptorians are powerful and well-established. From the arrival colony a sprawling city has been established, “Exodus”, now the Kryptorian's capital. Using advanced construction drones the city has grown rapidly in just a decade.

Exodus is the centre of commerce in Kryptoria. Web3 conglomerates controlled by powerful DAOs seek to extract vast profits shared with their holders. Exodus with its gleaming plazas is a beacon to all who wish to share in the wealth Web3 has created. However, some fear that human greed never learns and that it could lead to the same society that the Kryptorians left Earth to avoid…


Degens separated from the Kryptorians about a decade after their arrival in Kryptoria. They represent the wilder side of Web3. They fight for the creators, the collectors and the community and it was these ideological differences that led to the Separation.

Their home is Zion. A vibrant, colourful and bustling city. Artists, musicians and creators of all backgrounds gather together to revel in their differences as well as their commonalities. All are welcome in Zion and whilst organised crime has become an undercurrent in the city, many accept (for now) that this is the price of autonomy that almost resembles anarchy. The infamous Red Light District is the centre of Zion. There is no experience, pleasure or libation you cannot find here. It is the beating heart of Zion.

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