We believe that the essence of Web3 is decentralisation. The ability for individuals to own the digital assets they buy as well as the intellectual property of those assets. This is the future of gaming with blockchains. The ability to take assets that you own from one game or metaverse to another. Or indeed to be able to sell and trade your assets with other players. As more and more blockchain-based games are released, interoperability will become key.
When we set out to build Kryptoria we also felt that players should be able to have control over how their NFTs develop visually. Therefore we have developed a multi-signatory process that will allow players to “upgrade” (AKA “update”) their Alpha Citizens post-mint! This will mean that players are able to spend their in-game resources on new traits in our store and visually change the appearance of their Alpha Citizens.
We will be doing collaborations with notable NFT projects (such as Cold Blooded Creepz), as well as Web2 brands, in order to deliver new collections of traits for players to choose from. Our aim being to deliver tangible utility through these partnerships to our holders. For example, minting a trait from a Web2 collaboration collection may give you in-store discounts, free entry to events, first dibs on new products or even a physical item being sent to you. These are the kinds of utility we want to weave into our upgrading process. All of this on top of the fact that players will also be able to fully customise their Alpha Citizens in the way they want, effectively creating their own 1-of-1s!
When players mint new traits onto their Alpha Citizens the trait being replaced will be burned from the ecosystem forever. This means that in one transaction a player will be making their NFT rarer, whilst also making all the remaining Alpha Citizens that still have the trait that was burned, rarer. We expect this to manifest in some interesting NFT trading strategies to say the least!
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