Thomas McAlpine


Having spent most of my life playing massive sci-fi titles such as Halo and Starcraft, and watching just about every sci-fi movie or TV show there is, it has always been my dream to build a sci-fi based game. The dawn of NFTs and the increasing adoption of Blockchain has provided the perfect vehicle for creators to craft innovative experiences for players, but to date the scope of many games has been limited. Our team wants to change that!

I have spent the last four years building a UK-based business that has grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces for property. I have been lucky enough to go through all the ups and downs that is a Founder's journey, the sleepless nights, the breakthroughs and the moments of joy shared with your team. Having now moved on to build Kryptoria, I am excited to bring my experience in building out a business and a passion for developing incredible user experiences to Web3.

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