Game Synopsis

You choose the faction you want to play for. You will earn resources by owning land, trading and winning battles. Your Alpha Citizens will be your instruments of war as you seek to support your team in victory. Winning battles for your faction will allow you to gain extra resources and be promoted through the ranks. Your in-game rank will also be reflected in Discord as your role.

You will be able to see the state of the ongoing war via the Intelligence Report using the Leaderboard.

As the game develops, you will be able to spend your resources on upgrades for your Alpha Citizens. We have developed a pioneering multi-sig contract that will allow players to update any of their Alpha Citizenโ€™s traits, post-mint. These changes will update your NFTโ€™s appearance in real-time. There will be limited edition trait packs, as well as collaboration collections with other NFT projects and Web2 brands. These collections will also include new weapons. By using your in-game resources, you will be able to purchase traits and weapons not only to increase your chances of winning battles, but also to customise your Alpha Citizens in the way you wish them to be.

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