An introduction to Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal

Launching in Q2 2023, our full game is titled Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal.

Building on everything we have learnt from Beta, as well as integrating cutting-edge tech powered by our partners, it will be the first flagship strategy game in Web3. A fully fleshed out immersive experience inspired by Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal is the next chapter of the Alpha Citizens’ story as they evolve into their final form, the Alpha Heroes. Gasless and fully interoperable, with each in-game character denoted by 3D, dynamic omniNFT, Beyond the Portal will be at the forefront of the GameFi revolution as it upends the traditional gaming market.

From citybuilding to scientific research trees, military development, and world exploration, Beyond the Portal will be the first strategy game offering true ownership of in-game assets. Full access to the game will be based on ownership of a Genesis Alpha Citizen, with the Alpha Heroes being your fully-customizable, interoperable avatars. Use them to explore and quest through Kryptoria: Beyond the Portal, as well as all future Heatstroke Creations.

The island of Kryptoria is comprised of 10,000 map tiles, each one represented by dynamic NFT. As the Alpha Heroes cross the Broken Sea, they will encounter new territories and species. Minting of new land tiles, as well as future generations of in-game characters, will be done by Alpha Citizen holders - rewarding those who’ve joined us early on this journey. Similarly, those playing Kryptoria’s Beta game will see all their stats, streaks and ranks ported over into Beyond the Portal, along with Founder Player status (accompanied by custom traits and in-game perks). The renting of Kryptoria assets to new players (with any Ellerium earned being split between lessor and lessee) will be accessible to holders of both Alpha Citizens and Alpha Heroes.

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