Fighting with other players will be a key aspect of the game and is a way to acquire extra resources for future upgrades alongside earning from land. Players will be able to create strategies by combining Alpha Citizens, land and weapons to optimise chances of victory.

Alpha Citizens will form your army as you seek to establish your territory in Kryptoria. Land will earn you valuable resources, but will also expose you to risk of attack. Weapons will determine your ability to deal damage and win battles. It is important to note that only Alpha Citizens can launch attacks, and that only land with an assigned Alpha Citizen can be attacked.

We have used a linear damage formula that scales with defence stats. We have built and tested the damage formula using our own Monte Carlo simulator. The Base Damage formula in use is:

We then add a Critical Damage multiplier to the Base Damage. The Critical Damage multiplier is a random value between 0% and 100% of the Base Damage and simulates the element of chance in battle.

Base Damage is added to Critical Damage to get the final Real Damage. The Real Damage is calculated for each hit in the battle process. The resulting damage is subtracted from the targetโ€™s defence which acts as their health stat.

All battles will play out automatically once an attack is launched. When a battle commences the Alpha Citizens will attack each other simultaneously. As soon as one of the health bars drops below zero, that player has lost. If both Alpha Citizens drop below zero health at the same time, then the one with the least amount of minus health wins.

The defending player always have the added advantage of fighting on their home soil, which means they have their landโ€™s base attack and defence added to their total attack and defence. Attackers do not get this advantage as they are fighting away from home.

Alpha Citizens can only attack once per 24 hours, and land can only be attacked once per 24 hours. We do not envisage that the first iteration of Kryptoria will be a game where players need to spend hours to complete their daily objectives. This is why we introduced the cooldown timers as well as to avoid any player being unduly targeted in a short space of time.

Players will be able to add Defences to their land at any point prior to being attacked. They will have the option of the Titan Sentry Gun or Automated Defence System (ADS). The Titan provides a +50 boost in attack during battle, whilst the ADS can reduce the quantity of resources a player may lose if the attacker's raid is successful. In the same way, attackers are able to add reinforcements prior to launching a raid. They have the option of Mech Warriors and Sentinels. Mech Warriors will provide a +50 boost to the overall attack of the player initiating the raid, whilst Sentinels will serve to increase the potential number of resources gained from a successful raid. See table below for a full breakdown of ADS and Sentinels scenarios.

If an attacker is victorious in their raid they will take some of the defending playerโ€™s resources. The resource raided will always be the resource present on the tile that was attacked. The percentage of resources raided will come from the defender's total balance of the resource created by the targeted land tile. The number of resources that can be won in an attack is dependent on a number of factors including, tile rarity, reinforcements and defences. See table below for a full breakdown of the scenarios for raiding.

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