Zahraa Alkhaleef


Curiosity is underrated. I went to university to study Molecular Cell Biology, with ambitions of becoming a surgeon. Covid hit and the isolation drew my curiosity to the blockchain - soon I found myself immersed in Web3 full time. Today, I am a full time degen, have co-founded my own blockchain based startup, launched a DAO, and joined communities that I will forever cherish.

I learned to be bullish on curiosity. I consider Tom and Will experts in their fields. They offer insightful, innovative and pragmatic solutions that deliver on objectives, metrics and directly drive performance. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m here - I believe in the founders and everything they are creating with Kryptoria. Here to build a community bonded by vibes, values, art, support and acceptance. Community is our collective identity. Letโ€™s see where curiosity takes us... WAGMI.

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